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Installing the CryTIF Plugin

Installing the CryTIF Plugin

Installation on a 32 - Bit OS



The installer does take care of the correct plugin setup. However, if for some reason you need to install manually, follow the instructions below: 


  1. Copy the files below into the Photoshop root directory:
Bin32\ zlib1.dll 
Bin32\ jpeg62.dll, 
Bin32\ libtiff3.dll


  1. Copy the file Tools\CryTIFPlugin.8bi into the folder \Plugins


  1. Inside Photoshop, you can modify the path to the RC by choosing Help\About Plugins\CryTIFPlugin.

This will show the options menu for the ResourceCompiler. There you can set the correct root path to your CryENGINE┬«2 installation. 


Installation on a 64 - Bit OS

Not available 

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