Sandbox 2 Manual
Entity Library

Entity Library

The Entity Library can be found in the DataBase View and contains Archetype Entity scene elements. 

Experienced Game Designers or more technical Level designers can predefine variations of Entity classes as Archetype Entities which can be used throughout the whole game. for global changes you just need to change the object in the Database View

They can be placed in the level via Drag & Drop directly from the Database View window or can be accessed via RollUpBar > Objects > Archetype Enity 





Save Modified Library 
Saves the archetype library. When the level is saved, the archetype library will automatically be saved 
Add Library 
Creates a new library 
Remove Library 
Removes the currently selected library from the level. You need to manually delete it from the hard drive if you want to permanently remove it. 
Library Drop Down 
Lets you access all the loaded libraries in the level 
Reloading Library 
Discards all changes to the library and reloads the library from the HDD 


Item Toolbar

Clone Library Item 
Duplicates the selected archetype entity; uses the same name and adds a number to it 
Remove Item 
Deletes the selected archetype object 
Assign Item to selected Objects 
Assigns the selected archetype entity to the currently selected archetype entity in the perspective view 
Reload Item 
Resets the scene archetype entities of this type 



Standard Toolbar

Redoes the last action - set the number in Tools > Preferences 
Copy Item 
copies the xml script of the current item to the clipboard 



Library Lister

The library lister presents all the archteype entities of the currently selected library, organized in groups. You can browse through groups similar to the standard Windows Explorer. You select single archetype entities by clicking on them. 

Class Properties Window

The class properties window displays all the values which are defined in the entity scripts. 

Theses scripts are created by programmers. 

References for the entities can be found in the Entity reference

Objects Parameters

The window holds general object parameters, which are existing in all Archetype Entities. They are independent from the separate Entity scripts. 


Outdoor Only 
Cast Shadow 
Motion blur multiplier 
Receive Wind 


Model Preview

Shows the selected Archetype Entity in a special perspective model preview window.

Rotates view 
Zoom view 
Pan view 
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