Sandbox 2 Manual
Installation of Sandbox

Installation of Sandbox



This document is giving a short description of where to find and how to install the CryENGINE®2 Sandbox. 



Location of the installer


On the Crysis game DVD there is a folder named "Sandbox2

Within this folder, there is an Microsoft Installer package (msi), named CryEngine®2 Sandbox 2.msi 


Running the installer

Double click the CryEngine®2 Sandbox 2.msi file to open the first dialog of the installation process 


Click Next to accept the license agreement. 



Choose the installation path or accept the suggested one by clicking Next (The installer will automatically detect where your copy of Crysis is installed). 

Click Install to start the installation. 

A status bar will show you the installation status. 

When the files are copied click Finish, to conclude the installation process. 

CryEngine®2 Sandbox 2 is now installed in the choosen installation path. 

On 32-Bit Operating Systems you will find the Editor.exe in the \Bin32 subfolder (XP / Vista 32 Bit); on 64-Bit Operating Systems in the \Bin32 and \Bin64 subfolder (XP / Vista 64 Bit). 

You can start creating your own levels.

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