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How to get your Multiplayer Map Listed In-game

How to get your Multiplayer Map Listed In-game



The following walkthrough shows you how to get your level listed in the multiplayer level selection window. 


After you have created your level, save it in the folder Levels/Multiplayer/"Levelname", replacing “levelname” with the name of the level. 

If your level is called “Training” for example, then the folder should look like this: 

Remember to export your level to the to game engine, so you can to see your level in its most up to date version in real game mode: 

Editing the xml file


In the level folder there should be a .xml file with the same name as the level: 

Edit the xml in a text editor, filling in the details below. 


The line beginning with “ <MetaData> <Gamerules MP1="PowerStruggle" /> [DELETE LINE IF LEVEL IS INSTANT ACTION] <Gamerules MP1="InstantAction" MP2="TeamAction" /> [DELETE LINE IF LEVEL IS PS] <LoadingScreens screen1="" /> <HeaderText text="training" /> <DescriptionText text="Here you can describe the objectives of the map" /> <Display Name="training" />  


Finally, your level should show up in the multiplayer level selection list, as shown below. 

You can share the level with others simply by giving them the level folder, so that they can join your game if they have the same version of the level. 

Powerstuggle maps: 


Instant action maps: 


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