Sandbox 2 Manual
File Menu

File Menu




The File menu includes commands related to the handling of files such as open and save level file, change mod file, show log file and a list of recently loaded levels. 

File Menu Commands





Creates a new level. You need to specify a level name and choose if the level should have a heightmap (Use Terrain) or not. 

The default heightmap is 2 by 2 kilometers big. 

Meters Per Unit represents the distance between two verticals (lying on a perpendicular grid) in meters. Adjusting the Meters Per Unit will change the size of the heightmap. Changing the Meters Per Unit to 1 will make the terrain more detailed and changing to a higher value will make the terrain less detailed allowing you to create a bigger level with the same base heightmap resolution. The default setting of 2 means that the distance between two vertices every 2 meters there is a new point: 



Opens an existing level (CTRL+O). 



Saves the level. 

Save As


Saves the level under a different name. 

Change MOD


Changes to a different game MOD. 

Export to engine


Exports the level data to the level.pak file so the level can be played in real game mode (.exe) (CTRL+E). 

Generate surface texture


Generates the surface texture in a compressed format so changes done by the terrain painter will be visible in game mode. Use the following settings for best visual look: 

Save Level Resources


Saves all assets that are used in the level to a folder. 

Export Visual Objects


No longer used. 

Export Selected Geometry to .OBJ


Saves the selected geometry to an .obj file. 

Source Safe Settings


Modify connection settings to a Visual Source Safe (VSS) database. 

Show Log File


Shows the log file containing all text that was printed in the console. 



Quits the editor prompting the user to save before exiting.

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