Sandbox 2 Manual
Terrain Menu

Terrain Menu



The Terrain menu serves as a hub to access many view panes and tools that affects the game world and terrain appearance in a particular way. 

Menu items



Edit Terrain

Opens the Terrain Editing Window


Opens the Terrain Layers Editor Dialog


Opens the Outdoor Lighting Window

Time of Day

Opens the Time of Day window. 

Import/Export Terrain Texture

Opens the terrain texture import/export window, in which you can select multiple sectors to export, modify them in a graphics program and import them back. 

Reload Terrain

Reloads the terrain. 

Export Terrain Block

Exports a section of the terrain as a terrain block (.trb) file. 

First enable the terrain selection mode with the Select Terrain Area button. 

Then you need to look at the section of terrain you want to export and then hold the left mouse pressed while moving it to another spot. This will create a white rectangle over the terrain surface. 

Finally select the Export Terrain Block function or the save terrain block as geometry. 

Import Terrain Block

Imports terrain from a previously saved terrain block file. 

Save Terrain Block as Geometry

Using this function you can save a part of the terrain as an .obj file that can be modified in a 3D graphics application. Have a look in the Export Terrain Block description how to export a section of the terrain. 

Resize Terrain

Opens the terrain resize window where you can change the heightmap of the level by modifying the Highmap Resolution setting and Meters Per Unit setting. 

Meters Per Unit represents the distance between two verticals (lying on a perpendicular grid) in meters. Adjusting the Meters Per Unit will change the size of the heightmap. Changing the Meters Per Unit to 1 will make the terrain more detailed and changing to a higher value will make the terrain less detailed allowing you to create a bigger level with the same base heightmap resolution. The default setting of 2 means that the distance between two vertices every 2 meters there is a new point: 

When using this option only the terrain is changed, objects and vegetation must either be deleted or moved to the new location. 


Terrain Modify

Opens the Terrain Modify Tool (also located in the Sandbox.RollUpBar) with either the Flatten or Smooth brush selected. 


Edit Vegetation

Opens the Edit Vegetation Tool, which can also be found in the Sandbox.RollUpBar


Paint Layers

Opens the Layer Painter, which can also be found in the Sandbox.RollUpBar


Terrain Editing Window


Import Heightmap
Lets you import a 16 bit greyscale .raw image to be used as new heightmap (the size of the heightmap must be the equal or smaller than the current heightmap resolution.
Export Heightmap
Use this option to export the heightmap as 16 bit .raw file to be editied in photoshop (version CS1+ required) Show Large Preview
Shows you a preview of the heightmap.

Heightmap Erase
This option will delete the current heightmap data. Resize Lets you change the heightmap resolution

Make Island... more 

Terrain Layers Editor

In the terrain texture window you can setup materials to be used with the terrain layer painter.


Export Layers
Allows you to export layers together with surface type settings
Import Layers
Allows you to import layers together with surface type settings
Refine Terrain Texture Tiles
Increase the amount of ground texture sectors and therefore the resolution of the ground texture
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Load Texture
Lets you load a new color texture for the terrain (these texture should only contain a blurry... more 

Terrain Lighting Window

Sun Direction Changes the direction where the sun should rise.
Will change if the sun is closer to the north or south pole
Moon/Sun Shadow Transition

As there can be only sun or moon lighting you need to adjust following parameters to adjusted the time when the sun lighting should be active and when the moon lighting should be active.
Dawn Time

Sets the time when the sun should rise.
Dawn Duration
Changes the duration of the moon to sun lighting transition phase.
Dusk Time

Sets the time when the sun... more 
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