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How to Set Up a PowerStruggle Multiplayer Level.

How to Set Up a PowerStruggle Multiplayer Level.



The following walkthrough gives you an overview how to set up a PowerStruggle multiplayer level. 

You can also open one of the PowerStruggle maps from the original Crysis levels as a base to build your own PowerStruggle level, this way you don’t need to import all the buildings and other multiplayer objects described in this document. 

After you have created the basic layout, save your level in the folder Levels/Multiplayer/PS. 

When the new multiplayer level is for example called “Training” then the folder structure should look like this: …/Crysis/Game/ Levels/Multiplayer/PS/Training. 

Remember to always export to engine in order to see the changes you have done in real game mode: 



Placing necessary buildings


For the PowerStruggle game mode you need at least the following buildings in your level: 


  • 1 NK Barracks
  • 1 US Barracks
  • 1 NK Headquarter
  • 1 US Headquarter
  • 1 Prototype Factory


To place them, open the DataBase View (View/Open View Plane/) , select the Prefabs Library tab and load Buildings_mp.xml


Then drag the buildings into your level: 

As you know from playing the game, several buildings are needed in order to buy vehicles... 

Placing SpectatorPoints


Drag the SpectatorPoint entities (RollupBar/Objects/Entity/Multiplayer/) to important areas of your level. 


Rotate it so the helper human body looks at key gameplay locations. 


Blocking players from leaving the game area


You can build a wall of solids (click here for the Solid tutorial) around your gameplay area to block players from leaving. Make sure you assign the materials/special/collision_proxy_nomaterialset material to the solid so it is only rendered in the editor and not in game mode: 

To see them in game mode, type this this command: e_debug_draw 1 into the console. 

Placing ForbiddenAreas (killzones)


Create a Shape (RollupBar/Objects/Area/) where you do not want the player to walk around by click placing the boundaries and double-clicking to finish: 

Then drag a ForbiddenArea entity (RollupBar/Entity/Multiplayer/) into your level: 

Select the shape and click the Pick button and select the ForbiddenArea entity: 

Depending on the delay (in seconds) you set in the ForbiddenArea entity the player will lose health points (set in DamagePerSecond) once he walks into the area: 


Select Mini Map (RollupBar/Terrain/) and click the section of the terrain where you want to take a screenshot from: 


Click on the blue square and move it to the center of your level, then click Use New Mini Map Area


Adjust the camera height so it covers the complete area where you want the screenshot to be taken from, select a 2048 pixel resolution, then hit Generate MiniMap 


In your Crysis/Game/Screenshots/Map folder two files will be created: 0000.tga (the screenshot) and 0000.xml (the coordinates). 


Rename the 0000.xml file to Training.xml (the name of your new level). The xml always must have the same name as your level folder! 



Then copy them over to your level directory: 

Now edit the xml in notepad by adding the metadata and game rules section (do not change the startX to mapRadius section as the editor has already created this for you):  

  <MiniMap Filename="00000.TGA" startX="698.318481" startY="554.986023" endX="1522.318481" endY="1378.986084" mapRadius="50" /> 
  <Gamerules MP1="PowerStruggle"/> 
  <LoadingScreens screen1="" /> 
  <HeaderText text="training" /> 
  <DescriptionText text="This is a test map" />    
  <Display Name="training" /> 


Description of the tags, used in the xml file


MiniMap Filename = name of the screenshot which will be used for the minimap (has to be inside the same folder as the xml) 

startX/startY/endX/endY = coordinates (always use the automatic generated coordinates) 

mapRadius = visible radius of the radar 

Gamerule s = use PowerStruggle or InstantAction 

LoadingScreens = name of your loading screen 

HeaderText = name of the map in the loading screen 

DescriptionText = map description in the loading screen (Use the unicode &#xD; to make a line break) 

Display Name = name of the map in your server creation menu 

When you play the game you should see the new Mini Map by pressing the TAB key: 



When you have done all these steps you should able to select your new multiplayer level (called TRAINING) from the list. You can share the level with others simply by giving them the level folder, so that they can join your game if they have the same version of the level. 


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