Sandbox 2 Manual



What is the Minimap tool


The Minimap tool is used to create top down images of your level, compatible with the ingame level map. 

it can be found under RollUpBar > Terrain > MiniMap



The Minimap tool is great for creating level overview maps quickly and easily. 





Adjusting the Resolution in the minimap properties will increase the size of the minimap image that the Editor generates, for example choosing a resolution of 2048 will give you a minimap image of 2048x2048 pixels. 

Camera Height


The height can be adjusted so that the minimap is taken from the entire gameplay section, the blue bounding box shows the area that will be made into a minimap image, adjusting the camera height will therefore change the size of it. 

Use New Mini Map Area

Press the “ Use New Mini Map Area ”button to update the minimap bounding box to its new location. 

Restore Previous Area

Is a undo feature to restore the bounding box to a previous state. 

Generate Minimap

Click this to begin the map creation process. After the editor has finished, your minimap is be placed in \Game\ScreenShots\Map along with an .XML file containing the coordinates of the minimap. 

Please also refer to the Mini Map Tutorial

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