Sandbox 2 Manual
How to Set Up a Zero G Level

How to Set Up a Zero G Level



The following walkthrough gives you an overview how to setup a zero gravity level. 

Adding gravity volumes


You need to add one of the gravity entities to your level in order to eliminate the gravity. 

Simply drag the GravityBox into your level. 


Then setup the dimensions of the box to cover the gameplay area in which you want to have zero gravity. 

You can set any gravity value you like (by default without the gravity box a level has -9.81 z gravity, meaning an object drops down at 9.81 meters per second) 


The area Bezier volume entity can be used to create tunnels through which players get pushed. Place a GravityVolume Object (from the Misc sub-menu) into the level and create the sections of the gravity tunnel by clicking, double-click to finish creating. 

Then adjust the radius and the gravity, 10 is a good value for pushing the player forward. 

Adding particle effects like: Alien_Environment.tunnel_wind.light_tunnel_wind will enhance the feeling that there is gravity in the tunnel. 


Now you can build zero g maps. 

Hint: use a planet texture as the moon and set the night sky to maximum star intensity, then you can simulate nice space environments. 


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