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SDK Update
Since the original SDK release for Wars, we've taken into account the community feedback and have worked extensively on improving the functions that you wanted to see improved. As such we have added a new feature to Wars as well as fixed elements of the SDK which did not work as intended in the initial release. The entire Mod SDK now consists of 3 separate installers, one will include all the tools, one our brand new SP mod, and the other will have the game source code. Here is the detailed list for the contents of the Crysis Wars Mod SDK, with the changes we've made highlighted.



Game Source Code (patched to Crysis Wars v1.5)



CryENGINE2 Sandbox2 Editor

Resource Compiler (32-bit only)

CryExport plug-in for 3DS Max 9, 10 and 11 (32-bit and 64-bit)

Polybump plug-in for 3DS Max 9, 10 and 11 (32-bit and 64-bit)

Polybump application (32-bit and 64-bit)

CryTIFF plug-in for Adobe Photoshop (32-bit only)

FMOD Designer Tool (32-bit only)

Rigging, Artist, Animation Tools for 3DS Max

CryExport plug-in for XSI

Engine Settings Manager



Note: Issues with the resource compiler exporting from XSI via the CryExport plugin have now been fixed.

SP Mod



The brand new SP mod is now the easy way to play singleplayer levels via Crysis Wars. Featuring a new menu option and level loader, this mod once installed not only allows for easy loading of singleplayer projects but adds Warhead AI/vehicle scripts as well as save game and difficulty functions.

Includes weapon and vehicle scripts roughly in line with the balance found in Crysis Warhead, but edited for compatibility with Crysis Wars. Note that due to differences in game code between Warhead and Wars some parts of the game may still behave differently.

Fixed an issue where AI were only active in devmode.

Added level select menu, listing all non-MP levels found in root directory and SP mod folder of Crysis Wars, along with difficulty selection.

Readded load and save game menus in the frontend.

Sandbox2 Editor Changelog (From Crysis to Crysis Wars)
Since the release of the Crysis Sandbox2 Editor the dev team has updated the powerful tool quite a bit for the modding community; if you missed the changelog last time around then shown below is what has been added to Sandbox2.



Improved Height-Field Editor:

- Complete overhaul of User Interface

- New options added to show and hide water and map objects

- New tools added to quickly switch to terrain texture layers.

- Modification of Height-Field now translates to editor terrain in real-time

- Added ability to erase current height map

- Added new tool for large preview of height field.




Improved Terrain Layer Texture Editor:

- Complete overhaul of User Interface

- New section added “Layer Tasks” for adding layers and assigning surface types to these layers.

- Large preview of current layer texture

- Scale and projection axis now able to be changed more quickly due to new user interface.



Improved Time Of Day Editor:

- Added automatic scaling of the graphs to suit currently set values for each property.

- Added collapsible sections to each logical property group.

- Record now defaults to ON


New Visual Flowgraph debugging and features:

- Added debugging to track the logic occurring through the flow graph in realtime.

- Flowgraph viewport can be scrolled with right mouse button while dragging a link.

- "Add selected group" functionality when adding entity in a flowgraph

- Fixed: Incorrect scaling when opening a flowgraph

- Fixed: Flowgraph view moves around when having the save/load dialog box opened


Track View Editor improvements:

- Added: Copy/Paste nodes in the TrackView editor.

- Fixed: Sequence not reset at a cutscene start with TrackView editor.

- Fixed: Snap key on Trackview to start/end

Quick search entry inside the CVar dialog window:

- allows quick searching of all cvars

General Fixes:

- Fixed: Editor windows not always updating after switching windows with alt+tab.

- Fixed: Zoom scaling issues

- Removed several buttons or menu items which were obsolete.

Crysis Wars MOD SDK

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