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Car Setup

Car Setup

The Vehicle Section gives already most of the information about four wheeled vehicle (4WD) setup. this section is mainly reemphasizing the setup for the wheels. 

For general information about vehicle setup, please refer to Vehicle Setup

Sample File

Sample File: 


Wheels Setup

  • Place the wheel object in the correct position.
  • center the wheel's pivot in the wheel. (the picture below shows top View in 3dsMax.
  • Type "Wheel" in the objects properties. (the picture below shows the 3dsMax Objects property window)


The wheel proxy must be simple enough to be recognized as cylinder by physics. Support for an additional detailed proxy (if the wheel's shape demands it) will follow. 

Breakable windows


  • To make a window breakable, it has to be a solid object, not a plane! The surface type has to be “mat_glass_vehicle” in the editor’s material settings. Also it has to be physicalized in max (see proxy setup above!)
  • To have a spider web affect, you must have an additional material set up for this, and it has to be called as “broken_windowpanes” When you hit the glass, it will switch to this material.
  • Glass objects has to be linked to the containing objects. Windshield to chassis, side windows to doors, etc…


Shootable tires

  • To have an “empty” rim to let the tires explode, you must have the models ready for this. This extra empty rim object has to be called same like the appropriate wheel + “_rim” suffix (wheel_1 -> wheel_rim). These objects have to be exported in the damaged version of the vehicle. If you want to have a separate damaged version as well for the wheels, those should be exported in this file as well, and those should be named with the regular damaged naming convention by adding the “_damaged” suffix. (wheel_1 -> wheel_1_damaged) LOD versions of these have to be exported in the regular way described above.


Revo and Speedo meter

  • There is a possibility to have revometer and speedometer pins on the dashboard. These have to be placed properly on the dashboard, and the pivot point has to be set up properly. All of these are rotated around local Z axis, so set up the pivot accordingly. Default position should stand at the lowest available value. (speed = 0)
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