Asset Creation Manual
Instancing Objects

Instancing Objects

In order to save drawcalls, the engine combines identical elements of an object into one renderpass. It is mainly used on complex objects, which have a lot of separate internal parts, like fences or tanks, where a lot of similar objects are used or animated. 

Sample File

Sample File: instancing_fence.max 

General Setup in 3d applications

* The elements of an object need to have the same vertex index, the same UVs, the same material. 

  • elements can be translated, rotated and uniformally scaled


  • example picture of instanced elements fence (instances are blue)


General modelling workflow tips:

* use the instance function within max to ensure identical assets

  • rotate, scale objects to give variation
  • do not reset xform your instances!


Setup in Sandbox

no special setup needed in Sandbox, just place your object as brush or simple entity. 


* r_GeomInstancing 1/0 toggles the instancing on and off 

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