Asset Creation Manual
Touch Bending

Touch Bending

This procedure is for big leaves or branches, which bend on collision. 

Its a kind of bone or rope setup based on UV instancing. 


MAX Setup

Your object need a proxy for this which is physicalized as "noCollide". 

Touch bending will only be detacted in this volume. 

It is based on UV instancing. 

You do the setup for one branch or leaf and it will be the same on all other leaves, 

that share the same UV mapping. 


You need to place helper objects like this: 

place tham with vertex snap, so they are exactly on the vertex. 

call them: 




If you want to make a second branch with different mapping name the helpers like this: 





You can add more Branches if you need. 

Just go on with numbre them corectly. 


There is no way for artist to tweak the bending itself. 

Contact Programmer for this.

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