Sandbox 2 Manual
Miscellaneous Entity Parameters

Miscellaneous Entity Parameters



This pane contains parameters related to entity scripting, AI behavior and Flow Graph modification. 

Edit Script

Clicking the Edit Script button opens the script editor and allows you to modify the script for the selected entity. The script file location is shown above this and the Reload Script button. 

Reload Script

Click the Reload Script to implement any changes made to the script. 

Entity Archetype

If the entity is a Archetype Entity, the name of this Archetype Entity will appear on the button and clicking will open the Entity Library in the DataBase View. 


Create a new Flow Graph (click here for the AI Flow Graph tutorial). 


List Flow Graphs for the selected entity. 


Remove Flow Graph for the selected entity. 

Save State

This saves the physical state of a selected entity, e.g. if an alien is fatally wounded and the Save State button is clicked he will stay that way. 

Clear State

Clears any saved physical state. 

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