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Distance Cloud Tool Reference

Distance Cloud Tool Reference



What is the Distance Cloud Tool?

The Distance Cloud Tool allows you to place planes in the sky that look like clouds if the right texture is assigned. They are great for creating a realistic distant sky setup for your level without causing huge render slowdown issues. 

The Distance Cloud tool can be found in the Rollup Bar > Misc 

Why use distance clouds

Distant Clouds are more memory efficient than real 3d clouds and therefore should be used to cover the sky with clouds that don’t need to move.


The Cloud plane should be scaled up so that the cloud can be seen from the ground if it is about 1000 meter high. The cloud plane should be placed above highest mountain to avoid visual clipping errors.




Shows which material is currently assigned to it. Clicking this will bring up the material editor, allowing you to assign a new material 

Minimum Spec 

Used for setting in which hardware configuration the entity is rendered or not. Other Distance Cloud Tool Parameters 

Click here for the Miscellaneous Parameters reference guide. 

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