Sandbox 2 Manual
Holes Tool

Holes Tool


What is the Holes tool?


The holes tool is used for making geometrical holes in both physics and visual mesh in terrain. 

These holes can be "filled" again with geometry from a DCC Tool or with Voxel objects. 

The Make Hole button allows you to disable geometry from the terrain. The Remove Hole button will restore the rendering and physics of the terrain. At no point in time the heightmap geometry is lost, it is just hidden and physics disabled for hole section. 

Use holes to setup voxel cave systems, but make sure there are no gaps between the terrain and the voxel area. 

This would cause a gap in the collision setup and the player might fall under the heightmap. The tool can be found under RollUpBar > Terrain > Holes



The holes tool is useful for creating areas beneath the terrain of your level. 



The Create Hole tool 

Select the Create Hole tool and move the mouse over your terrain. 


Left click to create a hole. 


The Remove Hole tool Select the Remove Hole tool and move the mouse over your terrain, and click to recreate the geometry previously removed. 


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