Asset Creation Manual
Material Setup

Material Setup

To use a model in the engine you always need a mtl file to specifie textures and shader settings. 

This mtl file need to be created out of max and can be modified later in the engine. 

Sample File

sample max file: bushes.max 

sample mtl file: bush_small_leaf.mtl 

sample cgf file: bush_small_leaf.cgf 

Setup in 3d applications


  • To get the mtl file press this button in your export dialog while your material is selected:


  • You will get an mtl file in the same directory as your max file.


Its very important that the name of the mtl file is the same 

as the name of the material in MAX. 

If this is not the case Sandbox can not find the mtl! 

Setup in Editor


  • In the Editor you can open your mtl Editor by pressing "m"
  • Sample picture of Material Editor


  • All functions are selfexplaing (mouseovers comments)


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