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Game Tokens

Game Tokens




A Game Token is a script object, or variable, used to store values. These tokens can be used to perform simple logic manipulations and checks within the game script language. 

Possible tokens functions include can include states (is a squad mate dead or alive), characters , information (e.g. research tool results) sequential logic (has an event taken place, in if/then sequences) or objects (e.g. weapons, vehicles). 

These will be represented within various different flow nodes with various functions, inputs, outputs and checks. 

In the database all defined values are stored in libraries, by loading or not loading the same library for every level tokens can be set to be persistent only within one level, across multiple levels, or only relevent in act 1, for instance. 

First you need to create a token. 

Add New Item button:


Then, specify which type it is and add a description by double clicking on the value or description. 



Allows you to load an .xml library file. 


If you save the level the archetype library is saved as well, a faster method is using this save button. 


Creates a new library. 


Removes the currently selected library. You need to manually delete it from the hard drive if you want to permanently remove it. 

By clicking on the roll down button you can see all the libraries that are currently loaded: 

Add New Item

Lets you create a new game token: 

Clone Library Item

Duplicate the selected item, so you can have an alternative version with slightly different parameters. 

Remove Item

Deletes the selected game token 

Changing Type, Values and Description

After you have created a token you can choose the type Bool, Int, Float, String or Vec3. 

Depending on the type you can add following values: 

Bool: True or False states 

Int: any whole number 

Float: any floating point number 

String: any sequence of characters 

Vec3: any 3 dimensional positional coordinate (x,y,y) for example 290,200,180 

Don't forget to add a description in the description field.

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