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Here you can open an existing music database or create a new one. Lets look at an existing one. 

Note: If you want music in a level. You must open the music database while level is open and save it. That level then will require the music database as a dependency. In other words, you will always have that list of music to choose from in that level. Conversely, closing the database, then saving the level will disassociate the music database from the level and then the music is no longer available in the level. 


Think of a Theme as a piece of music. All themes must have unique names. A theme contains all the parts of a piece of music used to make it adapt to game-play. Adaptive music has different levels of intensity or feel in one Theme. You can see in the music database that a Theme is made up of Moods. The moods are levels of intensity. Here is a list of the Moods currently used by Music Logic. 

  1. Incidental – This is the default mood, visited when no action is taking place. It consists of a silent main pattern and a variety of pattern that are played randomly.
  2. Ambient – This mood is first visited when game intensity begins to rise above a certain threshold, for example when contact has been made with an enemy. On rare occasions it may play in place of the incidental mood.
  3. Middle – This mood is used for medium level action.
  4. Action – This mood is used during the top level of battle.
  5. Silence – you are in a theme but music logic is choosing not to play anything. This mood is visited when a piece has been playing too long.


It is a best practice for each theme to have a default mood. This is listed in the Theme properties in the music database window. The only time when a default mood is not needed is when a particular theme is only used as a holder for one-shot patterns and will never be used with musiclogic enabled. 

Other moods can be added, and played via triggers, which are not recognized by the music logic system. For instance, you might want to turn music logic off and on 

MusicLogic is a flexible system. Different moods could be added to the MusicLogic to create different adaptive music behaviours. 

If you have Crysis, you can open the file game/Music/act1.xml to view the music used. 


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