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Procedural Breaking 2D Objects

Procedural Breaking 2D Objects

Planar objects can break in a procedural way (as a later addition, some degree of curvature is also allowed). This can any object that has a planar surface,i.e. mirror, ice plate, table top, wooden wall. Note, however, that the fracturing will work best for brittle "glass-like" materials, and might look unnatural for wood, for instance. 

currently only glass material is set up for procedural breaking - but a new material can be created easily. 

Sample File

Sample Files: 

window.max - sample window file 

window.mtl: material file - to be reviewed in Sandbox 

General Setup in 3d applications

* procedurally breaking glass needs to be planar or "slightly" curved (see the engine section for more details).

  • assign a material with Cryshader to the polygons; enable physics with "Default"

More technical information can be found in the CryENGINE┬« section: CryPhysicsBrokenObject 

Setup in Sandbox

* the surface type needs to be set to mat_glass

  • it's possible to swap the texture of a glass object after the first procedural break (for that a submaterial that follows the one assigned to the object must have the word "broken" in its name).
  • Geom Entities, Basic Entities or Brushes can contain elements with procedural 2D breaking



* turn on "p_draw helpers" in console to see the physikalized geometry.

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