Asset Creation Manual
Installing the SOFTIMAGE|XSI Exporter

Installing the SOFTIMAGE|XSI Exporter



The CryExporter is a XSI Addon, which not only contains the Export functionality, but also provides custom objects and a custom shader to make maximum use of the CryENGINE┬«2 features. The CryExporter prepares assets created in Softimage XSI for the CryENGINE┬« 2 Resource Compiler (RC). The assets are stored in the Collada format and within the RC converted to the final game asset. 


Requirements In order to work with the CryExporter, you need the following software installed and working: 

  • Softimage XSI Version 6 and up
  • Alternatively, XSI Mod Tool
  • Crosswalk 2.5 and up


You also need the archive. This archive contains:

  • The resource compiler (Crysis\Bin32).
  • A set of compiled example asset (Crysis\Game\Objects\XSI_Assets).
  • A test level (Crysis\Game\Levels\XSI_Testobjects).
  • An XSI database containing the XSI scenes of the corresponding example asset (Crytek_XSI_Database).
    • Note that texture images are not provided and not assigned on the example objects materials. To make sure that those objects are textured in Sandbox 2 or in the game, use the already compiled material files (.mtl).
  • The Crytek XSI Addon (XSI_Addon\Crytek Addon.xsiaddon).
  • The documentation (XSI Plugin Documentation_VXX.doc).


Installation procedure

  • Install Crysis.
  • Install Sandbox2 (from the game dvd, Sandbox2 folder).
  • Install the resource compiler, example asset and test level.
    • Copy the Crysis folder from the over the game install Crysis folder. This will add the Bin32\rc folder, some already compiled example asset in Game\Objects\XSI_Assets and a test level (Game\Levels\XSI_Testobjects\XSI_Testobjects.cry).
  • Install the XSI Crytek Addon.
    • Drag n drop (install) the Crytek Addon.xsiaddon in XSI.
  • In XSI, Set the project path: Crytek > CryProperties.
    • Bin32 Path
      • Ex.: C:\Program Files\Electronic Arts\Crytek\Crysis\Bin32
    • Export Path
      • This is the working folder. When exporting, a COLLADA file (.dae) is created and the resource compiler is automatically executed with it as an input. The resource compiler generates a .cfg or a .mtl file, depending on your export settings.
      • Ex.: C:\Program Files\Electronic Arts\Crytek\Crysis\Game\Objects\XSI_Assets
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